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Các bác ạ, dòng loa B&W có tiếng là khó ghép để cho ra hết tiếng !!
Xin giới thiệu với các bác bài viết của 1 bác bên TQ về cách phối ghép của bác ấy với B&W 804.
Vì lý do bài viết bằng tiếng Trung nên khi dịch tự động sang tiếng Anh cũng có đôi chỗ hơi lằng nhằng, khó hiểu !! Nhưng ko sao vì mình vẫn có thể hiểu được các ý chính.
Các bác xem để biết và cho ý kiến nhé,
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Re: B&W 804

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[align=justify] / Equipment comments / Leslie CHEN

100,000 yuan level Decathlon
Chimera X80 Computer and comprehensive expansion B & W 804 Horn portfolio

Map 284 : Audition software used.
Map 286: Chimera X80 Integrated with expanded opportunities B & W 804 Horn 100,000 yuan in combination with highly competitive prices.
Map 288: Chimera X80 Comprehensive expansion of the machines do not see any particular fever, but the voices were quite good.

Chimera X80 Integrated expand opportunities output of 80 watts per channel, the emperor's best agents, real price of 39,500 yuan.

While the 50,000 level D is capable of reproducing 20 : ** Liberation Army. Value : ** ** prices. Manufacturing Quality : ** ** 1/2。

B & W 804 Trumpets, three bass monomer reflective tone circuits, frequency response : 31 Hz-20KHz + 2dB and efficiency : MHz, the impedance : 8 Ω, the emperor's best agents, real price of 55,000 yuan.

While the 5-10 million class D is capable of reproducing 20 : ** Half. Value : ** ** prices. Quality : It has created half ** 。

To : meticulous work closely with the source material -- a bit of sweetness. Slow after the cold war this increased to 33 times in the face, saying : Sophie fertilizer source and wire.

Audition information : CD turntable with Micromega CD3.1 equipment, digital and analog converter is mainly used Micromega Duo Pro, and Cobalt Thela DSPro Basic III 307, the signal line has been used with loudspeakers Ixos with Acrotech been agreed. Chimera X80 Elac has pushed 211-4 π and F3 Audiovector 3x horn; Eastern also has used Audiolab, Sugden Stemfoort SF100, and before and after class to promote Dali Detal/Gravity B & W 804 。

When reproducing commentator while, there always will inevitably powerlessness in the face of some pretty things. These things are just too great to resolve it raised 之 solid, the right not just to solve our commentator's hands, and we can just sit Kanzhu happen, and that is why we have taken seriously. For instance, I often encounter sent data point does not comment on the equipment, even if the response to the agent again, the result is often neglected. Under such circumstances we do commentator comment on how to write? What I mean is, although I have no data can still write Sanwuqian character, but that "no material presentations," written for readers of any help? Have a positive effect on the equipment? And sometimes I have to strive hard to OEM data, or data obtained from the foreign media, written after agents feel that I should not be there without permission of the external public data riots, suspected of leaking business, which is really me not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Frankly, I feel that I can write very careful attention to the domestic agents to avoid causing distress did not expect that they will be criticized. Do we really want me to comment on essays written between.

This comment Chimera X80 Integrated with expanded opportunities B & W 804 Horn is a no mileage data elements. B&W804 just have quit, because of my previous speakers commented on ﹝ EL period in 38 rural customs data are also easy to check, no more writing; But Chimera X80 Although no statement or message, all the data is only one cut from the audio magazine advertisements, which would be too simple matter. People should know that more data on the equipment is more advantageous because they can be more detailed comments, agents handling the case, I fear speechless evident.

Chimera known the name of the British company's other brands Alchemist, there are two products that are integrated to expand plane, a 100 watts output is the X100, a 80-kilowatt output is X80. I know Propagation Alchemist A comprehensive expansion of the past, in addition to the output power is 55 watts Class A power with the separation, the other prices and distribution lines, and they all Chimera X80 Very similar, and even the total filter capacitance and X80 are the same, I believe there should be no simple relationship between the two. As to why the introduction of Chimera Alchemist brand, in particular x80 could not see what technical design, Chimera agent with the original brand Alchemist Acting different facts, I believe that the management should be based on market factors to consider before putting them up. But this all, regardless of such market "commercial product" abundance, as long as enough equipment for voice, audio fans are still buying it can be, whether it is in the market for whatever reason.

B&W804 As mentioned earlier, I had been writing an article three years ago in the comments, re-saw and heard B&W804 found B&W804 the comments of the past is still fully valid.

For instance, I do not like the past, the bulk of the plastic horn Treble connecting terminal does not like to see, in the past, I do not think so exquisitely beautiful Black Ash finish ﹝ see now still do not know enough readers have this feeling. I personally think that the speakers are understood million level approved work than the average level dropped some three years ago, so now see the Black Ash B&W804 Paper, though still feel its beautiful, but might feel that the more favorably at the same price. I do not know if this is meant to sound a fan of good fortune or luck. I have read the paper affixed hickory B&W804 appearance looks much more valuable indeed, the audio stuff to buy B & W 804 Black Ash-time option to buy the EL wish, and I prefer the past 804 Acoustic characteristics of this project is still old. The most important thing is that after three years of stone, 804 The prices were not adjusted upwards of 50,000 yuan are still in real sales prices in the general price line audio industry annually, it is something the United States in letters of gold, plus 50,000 yuan years loudspeaker voice grade level and no significant progress, relative strength, 804 There would be a very strong competitive edge, the audio fans deserve a lot of attention to a limited budget.

In Chimera X80 The materials used, Chimera X80 Line board were quite good, golden aluminum knob accompanied by silver-white version of a very pretty face, the whole box and the design is very eye-catching fin, backlight Terminal Market into pure gold output terminal loudspeaker cause quite friendly, if the panel could more carefully polishes a more beautiful. Chimera X80 The power supply with an average size of a ring-type transformers brand specifications are unknown origin; Power was filtering some 10,000 spent four F, the capacitor voltage 50 Overhead, a huge array of figures, but these four brands is not only the capacitance between Ho ﹝ gate capacitance is printed SamHwa brands, angry at me ignorant. I really do not know what it is like EL, if used as the BHC or Elna 1000 macrophages f, Capacitance Voltage Overhead 35, looked up the number. Volume Control Chimera X80 The instrumentation is a common variable resistor, capacitor general crosslinking Philips MKT, and the output of each channel using two pairs of Bipolar some crystal, concludes with the relay as a protection. Generally speaking, I think Chimera X80 And the materials used for planting is true. B & W 804 The material also is not bad, a 41-inch metal film convex basin Treble monomer, and is divided into two six-吋ban Kavler monomer and Polymer material with the bass, it seems to have some other flavor Hi. However, B & W 804 Matrix claims that the technological breakthrough is designed to meet the loudspeaker boxes known as a strong outside the box although not like some of the wood densified wood board producing high, thin wooden boxes staggered from the room so the few among several pieces of sponge, very unimpressive. But the actual hearing, but did not feel completely loudspeaker boxes should have this wood box and it is indeed waving a Matrix technology shares Consequently, I can not accept this. But one thing was very surprised that there was B & W In recent years, virtually all new developments do not use Matrix High loudspeaker technology, although Road Matrix technology bottleneck or any difficulties between the cost of production? The next opportunity to ask really good.

In actual use, B & W 804 And Chimera X80 Need attention. B&W804 need to pay attention to two things, first, we must use nail feet, but anyway, at the height of the loudspeaker to pay special attention to the relative position and listen, or else there will be a high degree of low frequency and the sound field; 2 B & W 804 Bi-Wire can then use the best methods, a less expensive speakers use two pairs of medium-priced line loudspeaker lines.

Of course, you would not use two pairs of black lines and the Pacific of Hong Kong in the near future dream can be Accrotech loudspeaker line effect, the eyes of 1106, I have emphasized before, needless to say. As Chimera X80 To the attention of the then relatively simple, Chimera X80 Heat to a considerable extent, it must have sufficient space for heat dissipation Liu, this machine will build a better life with the voice of the performance. If in and Chimera X80 Crate under the cone angle like shock absorbers plus some supplies, will be the icing on the cake effect. But I do not encourage growers should take before buying some expensive audio sound annex back, and they have to know what the money is enough to accumulate bits and pieces of good lines appear, And I also think that a Siltech-core or 40 like MIT MI-330 Extended wire can play better than what improvements should be nothing wrong with nails and other board God annex, or January 2 sets of angular cone shock absorbers cushion sufficient for the generation audio commentator, as I do not need to buy as Annex spread Apart from promoting the prosperity of their profession audio system has not improved results, are wasted.

Audition location is presented in the hearing room for a lot of mix, I believe there should not be a mix of good and loyal subsidence cases where a bad mistake.

Basically, B & W 804 That the tone with loose, soft, sweet character, which is put on any expansion of the plane will not change. And the three qualities that song again, the two most obvious sweet, soft flavor and sometimes enlarged plane changes ﹝ power is, the smaller the soft flavor; But this is the use of Dali Gravity Super Hercules. B & W 804 Still have 30% of the soft flavor EL. As Chimera X80 The sound quality is somewhat like the milk and no sugar itself almost no personality, but it is so short, matching speakers to soften the personality characteristics. So when these two match up, the community is kind of like the sound quality is baked muffin increase in the number of coffee shops selling milk, soft but not sweet taste of fat greasy listen to all types of music pretty good performance. You may wish to broadcast the Test CD4.1 Opus3 try to force Zhang, there are various instruments, voice recording, the sound quality is the best performance of this portfolio characteristics.

In colors, B & W 804 The colors are pale yellow. Chimera X80 The timbre is a thin layer of white cream, in the brush B & W 804 The original colors. 804 Original music is still evident, but a little bit higher than usual oiliness luster. Chimera X80 This tone colors of the other personality characteristics in combination with the strong trumpets almost customary easy nature. All advantages and disadvantages, also easily mix Chimera X80 Reinforcement loudspeaker is not specific weaknesses capacity. So, if you need to expand the machine can faithfully reflects the personality of the speakers so Chimera X80 Would be the best option; And if you need a bass or Sophie expanded opportunities to strengthen the most common types of needs, then Treble ﹝ EL, you forget Chimera X80 。

The feeling in the frequency distribution and control, the combination of very high frequency extension enough, but the best of people. It is not out Chimera X80 , As long as Chimera X80 Elac-211-4 π promote the extremely high frequency quite elegant, but because B & W 804 Extension of the extremely high frequency is not the most beautiful. To know the original film on traditional metal pots pretty rare extension of the extremely high frequency, B & W 804 The Treble monomer is no breakthrough in materials, design nothing new, extremely high frequency it will be difficult to extend to mention Nonetheless, the 60,000 level playing trumpet good enough to extend a very high frequency, the only Monitor Audio Studio 6 of the Treble do to prices on sound B & W 804 I have been very satisfied with the tone of the high.

Generally, the low - and mid-high frequency horn is a solid foundation, even a few miles away as the BBC KS3/5A also have to make some major concessions in the very high frequency, high frequency thickness can be in progress. Now B & W 804 Be acceptable to the extremely high frequency, it can achieve a thickness of the high-frequency, which is really commendable. I think if the plane can be equipped with a vacuum tube expansion, coupled with a silver line. B & W 804 Like probably most of the high-frequency performance of a Nissan Altima classes leapfrog challenges. Chimera X80 High-frequency performance of the ordinary, nothing special flavor, but because B & W 804 Pretty high frequency, so the two together - a lot of James, became a distinguished combination of high frequency, high frequency is the most B & W 804 Extremely attractive places in the world, and sweet on the shiny Needless to say that the most important thing is that B & W 804 I even have a high thickness and chanting, a thin string is not large, it is critically important achievements.

Dropped from low-frequency to high-frequency part of Chimera X80 Quite the same personality, the feeling is quite average, the level of control is that this band is just B & W 804 The most fascinating part of Chimera X80 You need to express a B & W 804 On the merits and it is not necessary to do more.

In this aspect, Chimera X80 Can be regarded as incompetent. B & W 804 Cantonese is a phrase in the band "hipsters do," which has a relaxed, natural and sweet, plump, not neutral, but people really hear the voice of the thickness of first-class ears oil. I dare say that unless you have grown accustomed to hearing such as ProAc and prosperity Magnepan like too closely to the voices you hear otherwise B & W 804 We will love B & W 804 . The people would like to sing karaoke is found B & W 804 The more voices singing Noting that the people would like to see AV found B & W 804 Particularly vibrant, the people would listen to pop music B & W 804 葐 amount of the special low enough, more people will listen to classical music B & W 804 Drug, either B & W 804 Some dynamic aspects of the question, I really have to say B & W 804 Dance is a loudspeaker.

Chumeraa X80 Meng drilling down to the low-frequency part of the ESP is not, nor strong enough for the swelling current squeeze thin cows, not as naturally as water dripping level after thorough Dali Gravity B & W 804 Control over. Chimera X80 All the speakers who faithfully has the ability to "normal" the low-frequency extension. B & W 804 Some can be extended to around 40Hz frequency, but because B & W 804 In the amount of 50Hz to 100Hz is very near, so easily misunderstood B & W 804 ELF is actually quite a difficult task. Regrettably, because B & W 804 Considerable weight, it is relatively difficult to control the increase. Chimera X80 Also without strong control, there is a need to spend more time on the wire and positioning can make low-frequency following maintain control. But flu became amount is met, no need to listen to the bass control Video as the "Greater Kennedy" or "shepherd the month," especially gratifying, as make up for some lost points.

B & W 804 And Chimera X80 This combination of speed and transient response? I have to be divided, I will give Good to Excellent in between. I think this mix CD in the general did not listen, but they listen to the "fantastic reporter Li significantly," while the number of mistakes when it hit a little less dynamic electro-optical fire quickly. Dynamic areas as well, although not immediately clear what the group will find under the weight of dare with good action too, with the full weight of low-frequency and low frequency is exhilarating. But long after hearing many more will be found B & W 804 Dynamic speakers lacking real ups and downs. Personal view, B & W 804 The approach is to limit the scope of an action too fall within the scope of most people's ears please, and then in this area have done great effect, making people's ears is very easy to see that B & W 804 The dynamic is definitely a good standard. I have to admit that this is a smart approach, because in addition to making B & W 804 In the best sense of the day-to-day use of the dynamic, live music and fail to grasp the sense of life. After all, and most comprehensive expansion of the aircraft or around the price level has not truly dynamic compression. B & W 804 This dynamic has not provided the necessary potential, the cost was worthwhile spent elsewhere point.

Music market, anyway, when is the right time ﹝ proportion to 317 after the law sets up the EL. B & W 804 The sound field is not deep. Chimera X80 The true width and depth of sound a little shallow, and after the sound mix of the two markets are still very good, but the price is not among the best. Position, B & W 804 The location was pretty good, but Chimera X80 The quality is not positioning equipment, mainly because the physical sense-not the pool, thus affecting the location. Of course, this combination can only be regarded as an ordinary sense of it. I think that if we can use a silver or use Bi-Wire line should be improved is. However, if you have no audio or dedicated space fever is not very high heat, then perhaps you will not find this issue.

Finally conclusions. I think Chimera X80 The portfolio allocation of 100,000 yuan level in the expansion / loudspeaker why the group is strong competitiveness, the main reason is a comprehensive, which kind of music tends to be very suitable to listen to the audio fans more diversified tastes or family use.

If frontline agents to provide discounted prices on the purchase of the package more attractive. As Chimera X80 And B & W 804 Matching each other, I say good, Chimera X80 , B & W 804 Is the one pair of matching speakers, B & W 804 Not too difficult to push Pixing are not intractable. Chimera X80 Pushed up really well and happily. And B & W 804 ? Chimera X80 It is enough to put frontline B & W 804 A very comprehensive integrated push to expand opportunities, but if you want B & W 804 The bursting point, then Sudgen SF100 can Stemfoort B & W 804 Almost pushed to the edge ﹝ String will not shoot Chimera X80 EL pushed so sweet; And if you want B & W 804 More classical, then Meridian can also make 551 B & W 804 More elegant device quality, and Diversity ﹝ olds lose Chimera X80 EL. No matter what, you are hard to find, as Chimera X80 Allocation B & W 804 Yunwenyunwu so, the dynamic range of the portfolio. Year-end bonuses are considering investing in what? Micromega Stage Linn Karid or CD with a CD, plus a XLO or Acrotech wire Chimera X80 And B & W 804 The combination will allow you formally entered reproducing the door. [/align]

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